Mojave Watch is an initiative involving a loose knit coalition of organizations and individuals working together to educate and inform residents of the Mojave Desert, as well as those interested in the future of the region, of environmental issues that will have a serious long term impact on the desert.  This includes issues with environmental and public health components.

Individuals working with Mojave Watch include naturalist Pat Flanagan of the Morongo Basin Conservation Association, and journalist Steve Brown.


Mojave Watch -

Inform, Connect, Act

The goal of Mojave Watch is to help create awareness of issues and educate the public while there is time for residents of the Mojave Desert to act.  Issues such as PM-10 and industrial solar projects have a long term impact, not only on wildlife, but on the human residents of the desert as well.  We are working to inform, connect, and provide avenues for action the public can take to ensure local, state, and federal governmental agencies understand and appreciate the consequences of their decisions on their constituents and the land they call home.


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