Proposed Reopening of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan took eight years of public, organizational, and scientific input before it was approved in 2016.  The DRECP set aside lands for conservation, recreation, and renewable energy development (wind/solar).

Now, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been instructed to consider reopening the DRECP to allow for additional lands designated for conservation and recreation to be used for energy development.  This has the potential for immense impacts across the desert to both habitat and conservation, as well as to off-road vehicle use and other forms of recreation.

The deadline for public comment on the proposed reopening of the DRECP is March 22, 2018.  We encourage you to read our news page for updates, as well as to explore the resources below for additional information prior to making your public comment on the issue.

If you miss the deadline for initial public comment, you may wonder what comes next?  What is likely to happen, is the BLM may incorporate some of the public comments into a series of proposed alternatives for the DRECP, ranging from leaving it as it is, to a variety of changes, most likely with additional conservation and recreation lands marked for energy development.  If that happens, there will be hearings and time for additional public input.  Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll keep you informed on proposed changes to the DRECP and other vital desert issues.

Send the BLM your public comments on the proposed DRECP reopening HERE.

DRECP Information:

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