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Another Cadiz Water Project "supporter" gone

The Cadiz Water Project endangers the wildlife of the eastern Mojave Desert.

Mojave Watch recently began reviewing the official list of supporters for the Cadiz Water Project. We noticed many endorsements were made four to five years ago, and knowing that many organizations have changed boards of directors and officers during that time, we have begun requesting updates from these organizations on whether they continue to support Cadiz, and if so, why.

To date, we have heard back from the 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce, which has stated they no longer support the project. And, we have discovered through the California Secretary of State's office, that another listed supporter, the Morongo Basin Regional Economic Development Consortium, no longer exists. The organization filed for dissolution in February, 2015.

The formal dissolution paperwork for the Morongo Basin Regional Economic Development Consortium.

We will continue to send verification messages to all of the organizations listed as endorsing the Cadiz Water Project, as well as to the government officials, with a special focus on those representing the desert, such as John Cole, former mayor of the City of Twentynine Palms, Republican Assemblyman Chad Mayes, Congressional Representative Paul Cook, and others.

Mojave Watch encourages desert residents and others concerned about the Cadiz Water Project to check the list of project supporters HERE, and to contact those representatives and organizations to ask them to reconsider their endorsement of the project.

Additional information on the Cadiz Water Project:

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