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County fights court ruling on supervisor appointment

San Bernardino County Supervisor Dawn Rowe had her appointment to the board voided by a Superior Court judge in September, 2019. The county is appealing the decision.

The appointment of Dawn Rowe as supervisor for the Third District of San Bernardino County, was ruled invalid by a Superior Court judge in September. The court found that the appointment process, which did appear to be biased and poorly conducted, violated the Ralph M. Brown Act, the state's open meetings law.

San Bernardino County has appealed the ruling, and Governor Newsom's office is reportedly monitoring the case.

While we supported Chris Carillo for the Third District position due to his positions on desert issues, our objection to the appointment process was similar to the court case brought by the organization IE United - we found it flawed and biased and lacking proper public oversight. Now, our objection is that San Bernardino County, instead of accepting the court's ruling and complying with its order, is willing to use up to $500,000 of taxpayer money to fight the decision. That's a waste of resources better spent elsewhere.

Transparency in government and responsible use of taxpayer funds are of critical importance. Too often, the taxpaying constituent comes last on the list of county considerations. The Board of Supervisors needs to accept the court's ruling and move forward, not waste taxpayer money fighting this legal decision.

If you agree, please visit IE United's website and sign their petition to support this position HERE.

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