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Deep Blue 42 candidates include desert issues in platform

Progressive candidates from California's Assembly District 42 for the California Democratic Party's State Central Committee, are prioritizing desert issues in their platform. The district, which includes much of the Coachella Valley, hi-desert, and Banning Pass area, could benefit from better representation at the state party level.

Here's a good short video explaining the Democratic State Central Committee structure and the role of delegates that are running in January's election.

Here is a map of the 42nd Assembly District:

Registered Democrats are urged to cast their votes for delegates this coming Saturday, January 26, 2019. Candidate speeches begin at 11:30 a.m., with voting open from noon until 2 p.m.

Voting will be held at the Woman's Club of Banning, 175 W. Hays Street, Banning.

The Deep Blue 42 progressive slate of candidates includes desert residents such as Francisco Ramos.

My name is Francisco Ramos, and I am a ADEM candidate for the California Democratic Party. ADEM’s (Assembly Delegate Elected Members) serve as policymakers and delegates, who endorse party platform issues and endorsements. I have been a delegate these last two years, and am running for re-election now.

My history is varied and I come from humble origins. I am the first in my family to attend college and graduate with honors. I am a graduate of the University of California Riverside. I hold an Associate of Arts and Bachelors Degree, Phi Beta Kappa, Honors Society.

I have lived in the San Gorgonio Pass area for 10 years. In my time here, I’ve come to grow and love our desert community, with its variety of wildlife, untouched landscapes, and majestic cities throughout the Coachella Valley. The Coachella Valley and surrounding desert communities are one of the fastest growing communities in America. With that expansion, the process of growth needs to be developed with sustainable policies that ensure our: wildlife, native plants, water systems, and other features are available and sustained for the next generation. Our desert communities need environmental advocates. As assembly delegates, at all levels of power and influence in our party, conversations and advocacy would need to continue, to make sure all our elected officials have green solutions and environmental concerns at the forefront of development. I am particularly interested in working with other groups and organizations, in advocating for: preserving ancient and endangered water systems, protection of native plants and wildlife, environmental and green sustainable growth. Further, as an assembly delegate, the plight of the homeless has been my central passion. In March 2017, I passed a resolution in front of the California Democratic Party, entitled “Focus on Homelessness 2017.” That resolution demanded greater accountability from endorsed Democrats, to care for their homeless populations.

At my core are fairness and sense of justice. As you have read, my life actions have been dedicated to these core values. They are what drives me as an individual, and always weigh heavily on my work ethic. As a person, activist and being, they are my purpose in life.

Another Deep Blue 42 delegate up for election this Saturday is Sara Lee:

i have been fighting at the grassroots level to stop the Cadiz water mining project from draining the ancient aquifers in our precious Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert area.  Never has our desert been under so many threats from both the Trump administration as well as local politicians.  

This i why I am running to be a state delegate to the CA Democratic Party next Saturday, January 26 at the Banning Woman's Club and I am requesting your presence to vote (yes, it's a drive, but a very important election!).

I am running with other activists, including Lorraine Salas who has been advocating for the Salton Sea restoration and against industrial solar projects threatening the Blythe geoglyphs and indigenous Mojave sacred sites. 

This is a very important election also as it will shape the future of the CA Democratic Party (e.g., corporate vs. grassroots). These delegates are the ones that nominate the Dem. Party Chair, endorse state and federal candidates and pass resolutions.  Currently, there are no Environmental resolutions protecting our desert on the Platform.

There is a very hotly contested election and the folks I am running with are not politicians nor have been cultivated by politicians.  Please help me represent our region both locally and at the state level to help protect our very special place. 

Multiple delegates will be selected Saturday. Lee is organizing a carpool from Frontier Cafe in Yucca Valley. Interested voters can arrange to participate in the election carpool, HERE.

Learn more about this slate of progressive activists at:

If you are not a registered Democrat, you can register that day at the voting place.

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