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Keep up with SBC Desert Power Projects

If you're a desert resident of San Bernardino County, there's one newsletter (other than ours) that you should sign up for.....

While the Mojave Watch newsletter is a good choice for keeping up on desert projects, there's one more newsletter we highly recommend for desert residents in San Bernardino County. The Land Use Services department of San Bernardino County has a Renewable Energy email newsletter that alerts subscribers to renewable energy projects that have applied, are being considered, and have been approved. These projects are sited on private lands, as well as state lands.

Residents of areas like Lucerne Valley and Newberry Springs should pay close attention to this county newsletter as large scale projects move forward in those locations.

You can sign up for the San Bernardino County newsletter here:

Here is the list of current and past solar project applications made in San Bernardino County:

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