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Public water expert calls out Cadiz project

Wildlife at Bonanza Spring in the Mojave Desert would be threatened by the Cadiz water project. Photo: BLM.

A public water professional with more than 50 years experience working with water issues in southern California, has called out the Cadiz water project in a San Bernardino Sun guest commentary, "Cadiz project's harm wouldn't be limited to the desert." Anthony Butch Araiza, who served 20 years as the general manager for the Inland Empire's West Valley Water District, noted in his opinion piece that the Cadiz project poses an "unacceptable risk" to California's environment.

"My experience at West Valley Water taught me the importance of conserving our priceless groundwater, of providing safe, economical and reliable water to Southern Californians, and of transparency in communicating with decision-makers and the public," Araiza stated in the commentary.

"The proposed Cadiz ground water pumping project fails to meet any of these standards."

Araiza referred to the study published in the Journal of Environmental Forensics that found Bonanza Spring, one of the largest and most significant sources of water in the Mojave Desert, is connected to the aquifer Cadiz would draw from to pump 50,000 acre-feet of groundwater to sell to suburban southern California.

Read more about the Cadiz water project and Bonanza Spring HERE.

Araiza concludes that backers of the Cadiz project have responded to science that raises serious questions about the viability of the project with "public-relations spin."

Read the full commentary HERE.

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