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See what climate change may do to your weather with this new map

How will climate change impact where you live? There's a fascinating new interactive map out from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science that let's you see their predictions for many areas of the country, under two scenarios - the continuation of current emissions levels, and if emissions levels are cut significantly.

It's an interesting look at our future, which appears universally hotter. For example, according to the map, Indio's climate in 2080, under the high emissions model, will feel like current summer in Buckeye, Arizona - 5.2 degrees Fahrenheit hotter and 91.1 percent wetter than summer in Indio now. If emissions are reduced, the model for Indio changes to be more like summer in Coachella, 5.1 degrees hotter and 53.3 percent drier than a current summer in Indio.

Victorville, meanwhile, is predicted to acquire a climate more like Yucca Valley, if emissions are reduced, seeing only a 6.6 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperatures, and 101.1 percent wetter summers than currently. But if emissions continue on at current high levels, the summers in Victorville are predicted to rise 8.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and get 516.8 percent wetter than currently, similar to the climate in Sonoyta, Mexico.

The interactive map provides some food for thought as we look at how climate may change for our individual locales.

You may access the map HERE.

The accompanying study is available HERE.

An excellent supporting story by Marissa Fessenden at Smithsonian, is available HERE.

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