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Supervisor Ramos goes AWOL at Renewable Energy meeting for San Bernardino County

Supervisor James Ramos was missing from today's San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting to consider Renewable Energy Conservation Element language that would protect rural desert residents.

As concerned desert residents gathered in San Bernardino and Joshua Tree to voice their support for adoption of the original language of the Renewable Energy Conservation Element 4.10 this morning - something they've been waiting for since August, 2017 - there was a noticeable absence among the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor James Ramos, who has used his supervisor position to run for state assembly, was absent.

With Ramos gone, the Board of Supervisors tabled the RECE 4.10 discussion and consideration. Ramos had not informed his colleagues, or even his staff at the district's Joshua Tree office, that he would not be at the meeting. He was later found campaigning in his new assembly district with no apparent concern for leaving his current constituents in the lurch. Staff in the supervisor's Joshua Tree field office said he had not warned them he would be absent, nor did he return their phone calls to inquire about it. They were apologetic about wasting the time of all the county residents who had driven to San Bernardino and Joshua Tree to provide public comment on the RECE 4.10 language.

Ramos' absence and the resulting postponement will likely lead to a much longer wait before the RECE 4.10 language is considered again by the Board of Supervisors, as it may be necessary to fill his seat prior to any hearing on the topic, should he be elected to the state assembly. The supervisor's decision to stand up his constituents could lead to fewer rural desert residents making the long trek to San Bernardino to comment when the language makes it onto the Board of Supervisors meeting agenda next time.

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